I Wanna Go Home CD

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I Wanna Go Home CD

Get the CD version of this clammy classic. No record needle required. Play it in your Discman or pop in a funky boombox. I Wanna Go Home was our debut record an real record label, released in 2009. It's got all the raw ingredients for the weird recipe that became Shannon & the Clams. Chock full of tender ballads.
Released on 1-2-3-4-Go! Records

1 Troublemaker
2 Warlock In The Woods
3 You Can Come Over
4 Surrounded By Ghosts
5 Cry Aye Aye
6 Take It Back
7 Scuffle With The Clams
8 Blast Me To Bermuda
9 Cat Party
10 Waiting For You
11 When You're On
12 I Wanna Go Home