3 color Risograph print, 22 page limited edition book of Exquisite Corpse drawings by the Clams!
What our pal Will Sprott says about our book:
‘Over the last few years we’ve developed a ritual. Every time we sit down to eat I reach into my bag and pull out a smaller bag and I produce some paper and pens and pass them around. the paper gets folded up into third or fourths and we start drawing. Whoever is first fills in the top panel and passes it along without revealing the image to the next person. With only the stubs at the end of the previously unseen panels as guides, the next person continues the drawing and passes it along. When all the panels are filled, we unfold the paper and VOILA: an Exquisite Corpse is born!!

None of us know why we make these things but we all feel compelled to make more and more and are always excited to see what strange transmission from our collective mind will appear.’

After many moons of Will getting us to participate in our lunchtime psychedelic art feast, he and Cody decided to scan many of the images, have Cody colorize them and get them printed with a Risograph in a book form and a few tee shirts! Book of Corpses Volume 1 has been an exciting success so keep your eyes peeled for future volumes!

This drawing game was not created by the Clams but by surrealist painters at the turn of the century. Keep it going! It’s fun! You don’t have to be a great artist to participate, in fact the wider variety of minds and talents the better.